Bumble confirmed that a new advertisement featuring their most recent celeb companion Serena Williams will debut throughout the very first half of the SuperBowl.

Relating to AdWeek, Bumble mocked a unique strategy using tennis star, admitting it would coordinate using SuperBowl, although it wasn’t obvious as long as they had been planning to air an offer while in the game, the most-watched annual occasions in the U.S. (and another of the very costly ad buys). Bumble has now confirmed their particular basic SuperBowl offer will feature Serena Williams and their brand-new promotion “The Ball is actually the woman Court.”

Bumble, a female-friendly dating software, is actually seriously interested in the female-empowerment purpose. In the last couple of years, the company has actually debuted offerings that attract specifically to ladies, instance partnering with Moxy Hotels to supply BumbleSpot – proven places in which Bumble users can satisfy for dates, profession networking, or possible brand new friendships – so that you can generate safe areas for women.

The offer with Williams will feature the woman rise to celeb, “not just as an expert tennis celebrity but as a business owner, character product, girlfriend and mom,” in accordance with AdWeek. The location was developed by a mostly female team and guided by A.V. Rockwell, an award-winning screenwriter and movie director whose work deals with issues on race and oppression.

The content of this ad is always to encourage women to take control of their own tales, anything Bumble is excited about through the first of its matchmaking software, giving females the ability to make the first step.

In a teaser video clip when it comes to SuperBowl offer, which will air February 3rd, Bumble granted a look of what to anticipate.

“we are surviving in some sort of and culture where individuals are needs to see in a different way and needs to understand that we have been just like powerful and just as smart and just as smart and just as businesslike as any kind of male nowadays,” Williams claims at the digital camera, which in turn pans to her offering a baseball in a clear courtroom. “and from now on it is the right time to show up and tell the story the way it ought to be told.”

AdWeek pointed out that the female-forward Bumble advertisement campaign is uncommon for a SuperBowl, in fact it is these types of a male-dominated space, and even more not likely that a mostly feminine group would create this type of a SuperBowl advertisement.

“There are a lot ladies who tend to be willing and enthusiastic [to be engaged when you look at the ultra Bowl], and each and every girl involved [in Bumble’s area] had such love,” Bumble chief brand officer Alexandra Williamson informed AdWeek.

She went on to state: “People will see another side to Serena once this advertisement goes live, and I also would feature that to an all-female team concentrating on it.”